Call for Papers

Renaissance Society of America
Dublin, 30 March–2 April 2022

Hesperides Sponsored Session

"Charting Classical Traditions in the Luso-Hispanic World"
Proposal Deadline: August 1, 2021


Hesperides, a new Associate Organization of the RSA, invites papers for its inaugural panel at the Dublin 2022 meeting. This session will debut the organization’s core mission: to showcase the breadth of contemporary scholarship on diverse manifestations of classical traditions across and between Iberian contact zones, from the Mediterranean, to the Americas, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and beyond.  


In the hopes of presenting the most inclusive snapshot of current scholarship in these contexts, this panel seeks papers that transcend traditional disciplinary distinctions, periodizations, geographic boundaries, and linguistic divides. We therefore welcome submissions from scholars whose work engages with classical legacies as they intersect with any of these cultural, geographic, or linguistic contexts, during the early modern period (1300-1700).


The panel invites participants to consider these perspectives through the metaphor of transformation, which gives equal emphasis to receiving contexts and received cultures (Baker, Helmrath and Kallendorf 2019). Successful submissions will reflect on these Hesperian transformations for the global turn in Renaissance studies and for research on classical traditions. Possible areas of inquiry include: 


  • new methods and theoretical models for describing and interpreting the uses of classical antiquity beyond the Global North


  • the contributions of those who have been overlooked in previous scholarship, such as indigenous, Afrodescendent, and female voices


  • critical reassessments of the limitations of the ‘archive’ as a technology of settler colonialism and the realization of alternative forms of


  • recording or recuperating the past


  • diverse forms of cultural production, learned and popular, across media and modality, representing non-elite in addition to elite perspectives


  • analysis of classical traditions through the lenses of non-European modalities of time, space, ontology and epistemologies


  • engagement with new critical theories and frameworks that enrich the study of classical traditions and which may also dismantle hierarchies of knowledge production 


Please send a proposal for a 20-minute paper as an email attachment to with the title “RSA: Hesperides Panel” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2021. Proposals should include an abstract (150 word max), along with the information listed below, and will be reviewed by two anonymous referees, who will make final selections by mid-August. We especially encourage submissions from scholars based in Hispano-Lusophone countries. Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy (post preliminary exams) are eligible to participate in the RSA's meeting and we welcome their submissions. The languages of Hesperides are English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Please submit the following in a single Word document: 

  • Paper title (15 word max)

  • Abstract (150 word max)

  • Paper keywords (5 max)

  • Anticipated audiovisual needs (PowerPoint, video, etc.)