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Classical Reception Studies Network (CRSN)
Blog Takeover

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Since January, the Hesperides Steering Committee has served as the guest editor of the CRSN Blog, using the platform to showcase the work of our community through short, public-facing essays penned by our members. If you haven’t yet had the chance, check out the pieces that have been published so far and keep your eyes peeled for posts in June, July, and August from Ruth Dos Santos, Brenda López Saiz and Francisco Gutiérrez , and Maya Feile Tomes! Many thanks to CRSN for the space to share Hesperides’ mission with their readership and to our contributors for these wonderful interventions.

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Hesperides Steering Committee
"Meet the Guest Editors"

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Eduardo García Molina
Medea, Cuba, and the American Nightmare


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Francisco Gutiérrez Silva and Brenda López Saiz
Tragedia Griega Revisitada” ("Greek Tragedy Revisited”)

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We hope to continue to publish short pieces of public scholarship by our members through our own blog initiative in the future, so if you have an idea for a contribution along these lines, please reach out to us with a pitch!

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