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As a scholarly community devoted to fostering interdisciplinary, international connections, membership in Hesperides is free and open to all interested scholars, teachers, and community members. To join, simply sign up for our mailing list to receive semi-annual updates on the organization and learn about upcoming opportunities to collaborate.

As a member, you may opt to have your name and affiliation included on our public-facing "members-at-large" list. In the near future, Hesperides will launch a database of researchers whose work intersects with our mission, and members will be able to create a scholarly profiles and search for collaborators with shared interests. Become a member to receive updates on this and our other community-building initiatives in the future!

Become a Member

(Membership in Hesperides is free. Learn more here.)

Thanks for joining! You will receive semi-annual newsletters from Hesperides. To opt out or update details, please write to:

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