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Classical Reception Studies Network (CRSN)
Blog Takeover

Call for Pitches

Submission Deadline: 20 August, 2022


—Does your work explore the intersections of classics and the Luso-Hispanic world?


—Is there an exciting new development in your field—a newly discovered text, an innovative teaching technique, a cutting-edge research tool, an emerging theoretical framework—or any other aspect of your work you’d like to share with the world?


—Have you been looking for new ways to connect your work with a broader online audience?


If so, Hesperides, an organization exploring classical legacies in the Luso-Hispanic world, invites you to join us as we “take over” the Classical Reception Studies Network (CRSN) blog for February–July 2022, when we will guest-edit the blog and publish a series of short, public-facing essays highlighting the richness of our area of study.


CRSN seeks to facilitate the exchange of information and to encourage collaboration in the field of classical reception studies on a global scale. Their blog is a hub for information and research-sharing, with a particular focus on graduate students and early career scholars. This exciting partnership will provide Hesperides a unique platform to spotlight research, teaching, and outreach on classical reception in the Luso-Hispanic world for a general audience.


Interested parties are invited to send a 2-3 paragraph pitch, outlining the topic and approach to be taken, as well as a brief authorial introduction. Topics can include brief research notes, pedagogical reports, methodological reflections, or any short meditations on your area of expertise connecting classical reception with Luso-Hispanic contexts that you feel would engage CRSN’s readership.  Feel free to browse the blog to get an idea of the appropriate content, tone, and style: Blog | CRSN | Classical Reception Studies Network.


The steering committee hopes to showcase posts by researchers, educators, and students, so please include your academic affiliation and rank along with your pitch. Each post on the CRSN blog will be a maximum of 600 words; successful pitches will be engaging, concise and specific! All languages are welcome, and, per CRSN guidelines, the steering committee will provide an English translation of Spanish and Portuguese posts.


Send your pitches to by August 20. Finalists will be selected by August 20 and posts will be due December 1. The steering committee will work with finalists to edit all textual and visual content before uploading it to the CRSN blog.


We look forward to reading your ideas and sharing your initiatives with the help of CRSN!

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