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Call for Applications:

Hesperides Steering Committee Member

The Hesperides Advisory Board and Steering Committee invite applications for two new steering committee positions for postdoctoral or early career scholars based at institutions in the Global South. In keeping with Hesperides’s mission statement, we seek to expand the committee to ensure that its composition most fully reflects the geographic, linguistic, and disciplinary diversity of our membership base. The Hesperides Advisory Board will make the final selection from the pool of applicants. Please see the Position Description below for more details of what the role entails. Hesperides members may propose a nominee or may nominate themselves for the position; applicants need not be Hesperides members to be considered.


To submit applications, please write to by July 1, 2021 with a brief message of introduction (no more than 500 words) explaining your interest in serving on the committee along with your CV for the Advisory Board to review.



Position Description:

Steering committee members of Hesperides play an active role in the day-to-day functioning of the organization, managing the logistical end of its current activities and developing and implementing new initiatives. Those serving in the role, which can be held for up to five years, can expect to invest an average of 1–2 hours a week, depending on the agenda for the given moment, with virtual steering committee meetings held roughly every two weeks. Individual steering committee members can expect to coordinate and attend Hesperides-sponsored panels at conferences within their disciplinary and geographic purviews, particularly those with which they already have ties and regularly attend. There are no linguistic requirements for service, but members will ideally be able to support our mission of linguistic equity by creating and disseminating Hesperides materials in their preferred language or languages.


Specific duties include:

• Coordinating with advisory board members

• Drafting CFPs in one’s preferred language(s)

• Assistance with trilingual translation efforts of Hesperides materials

• Organization and coordination of conference panels and Hesperides events

• Representation of Hesperides at virtual and in-person meetings of relevant partner organizations (SBEC,

FIEC, SOBEC, Sociedade Brasileira de Retórica, RSA, SRBHP)


Steering Committee Members will contribute to development of the following initiatives:

• Social Media

• Creation of member database

• Guest-edited journal issues

• Digital resources hosted through website (bibliographies, pedagogical toolkits)

• Methodologies Workshops for New Researchers (editing, theoretical frameworks)

• Local outreach networks (connecting researchers with local communities)

• Outlining 2- and 5-year plans for organizational development

• Shaping roles for graduate student involvement

• Creating collaborative spaces for primary and secondary educators

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